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LOLOLOLOL, many things happened last week !

I met my friend from the other major which is DKV major .  Well, we had same class to be attended, too bad the lecturer didn't come to the class ;;; I don't know why this first week of our meeting, lot of lecturers can't come to see us .

So at this situation we had no idea what should we do . Then , we're together come to the fashion studio to kill the time . /actually that day I just have 1 class to be attended/ so we just talking about our holiday and so on . We've same hobby like drawing manga and stuff , so that's one of our topic lol .

I'm one of many girls who playing Mystic Messenger . Yes, I've finished Yoosung's route and now I'm on Zen side /sorry Yoosung/ . Nah, I see Cherizt launching Mystic Messenger Sticker on LINE and of course I want to have them ! I want to buy 500 coins and I know a friend who sells coins line on her shop . So yeah I wanna buy it!

But my DKV friend said that we can buy sticker, theme and the others on LINE STORE . Well I don't know this one exist ~ So she showing also guiding me how to buy a sticker ~ Yeahh ! Mystic Messenger sticker worth for 150 coins ~ lil bit pricey for creator sticker but I think this one is worth it to buy , cz you can feel like playing MM on LINE .

First time using LINE STORE :)

Me purchase the sticker using credit , worth for Rp 35.000

Seven as the face of MM Sticker


Even MM is the newest sticker, MM can reach no.1 position in Creator Rank !

Feel the same as the game :)

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