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Tutorial : How to make wings for Cosplay

Hi there ! Back again with me. Okay, I'll post the making process of wings for cosplay use. I made a wings for Umi Sonoda - Love Live! School Idol Project, which is White Day vers.
Steps to create the wing has been provided in each photo.
Take a look !
Hello, you need to prepare the materials for the wings tho.
Nah! I used two box of feather for this wings.
The first box is the small size feather which is contains 500 feather .The other one is the big size feather.

The materials :
° Feathers ( of course lol )
° Eva Foam ( nah, I use the 4mm )
° Wire
° Glue Gun
° Scissors
° Castol glue ( to unify parts eva foam )
° Pliers
° Wantex
° Long fur fabrics ( will be used on the upper wing )
 First step :
° Draw the wings in accordance with the character would you cosplaying. I make 2 pieces of eva foam tho, It will be used for the front and back wings, then the wire will be placed inside the eva foam. I purposely made the rear wing is a bit large.

Here you can see the wing half finished ☆

Next ~ Step 2 :
° Paint your feathers using wantex. I decided to use a small-sized feather. then you divide it into three parts, in which the three feathers it will be immediately highlighted with different wantex.
P.S : Adjust to the character would you cosplaying.
☆Steps to use wantex stamped on the back of the packaging.

Step 3 :
° Don't forget to wantex your long fur fabrics!
I decided to give it pink colour.
//but it turn out like purple ;_;
 Step 4 :
° Drying feathers that have been dyed.
P.S : Caution when moving these feathers, you have to try it out first using clean water. Then you dry in the sun.

To be honest, I failed on first the coloring process, because the color that I wanted did not match expectations. The photo on the right is the failed product in coloring.

 Step 5 :
° It's time for you to prepare the feathers according to the character you want.
Remember to arrange them from the bottom ! because the top will be stacked with other feathers.
At the bottom side, I use feather with big size.
In this section I use four colors, which is the bottom color is white, then blue, purple, and pink at the top.

P.S : Exercise your patience here. Be careful when using a glue gun ! I was exposed to hot glue a few times and it was very painful ;_;

Step 6 :
Yay almost finished ☆
° I took lots of pictures for this section. On the top photo, I have not added a long fur fabric. Okay, it's up to you to add or not at all.

 Step 7 :
FINISH ! *^*)9
Finally finished ! and here you can see the details at the front of the small wings. I really like do crafting ♡

I hope this tutorial will help you when making the wings XD


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