Nico X Kotori - Love Live! School Idol Project



Throwback 2k15 photoshoot !

《Love Live! School Idol Project》 Valentine Version
Kotori Minami (南 ことり) CN : Dita Photograph
Yazawa Nico (矢澤にこ) CN : Namieka
P thanks by Tenro Lei Fingers | Agus Sudarmaja | Haristya
Costume are handmade by Dita and Namieka

We've all fun when doing photoshoot :)

I found a bit difficulties to find a design logo on their right arms .  I hope this one closer to the original design. Yes, I draw it manually and bring the design to tailor to be embroidered, cuz I don't have an embroidery machine.

 After I finished on sewing this skirt, I drew "Happy Valentine" manually using a paint brush and acrylic paint. Lil bit hard first, but it's hella fun :) I drew it too on Kotori's costume .

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