My Mystic Messenger Stories - Yoosung Route End


My Facebook account and Instagram were filled with screen shots of the game called Mystic Messenger.

Did you know about Mystic Messenger ??

According to my knowledge Mystic Messenger is an otome game, which refers to the female players. This game created by South Korea company named Cheritz. rarely playing an otome game, so this’s my first experience lol . I think it was fun playing this game . And in this game we can also do chatting, receiving incoming calls, even sent a message to the characters in the game . This game has a 10+ age rating, so I think it would be a lot player will be joined us ๐Ÿ‘€

Nah, here I’d like share my experiences together with Yoosung! LOL, yes ! I'm joined Yoosung route at this game~ so he's my first dating ๐Ÿ’“ . Tbh he’s such a cuttie. And you know ? he is the youngest member in the RFA. RFA? It’s shortness of Rika's Foundraising Association whose members are Jumin Han, Zen, Yoosung, 707, Jaehee Kang, V, and Rika. Rika was passed away one year and half, so there isn’t party was held till now.

Yes, we have a conclusion on this game . We should held a party in our final day which is in the 11th day !
It’s hard for me at first becuase you should standby waiting for the chat room opened . FYI this game based to the real time in our place . So in 24 hours we will get chatting , but too bad sometimes I missed the chat room and should use hour glasses to open the previous chat I’ve been missed .

We do chatting with the members, and in the 4th day . Visual novel story will pop up and the chat will branches . In the 5th day you’ll see the member face in the chat room’s card . This means you'll get his / her route . (Oh ya ! Jaehee Kang is women here, so don't be upset lol ) . The route you enter is based on your chat answer . I think Yoosung had fallen for me bcs I always cheering him up ! X’D
Honestly I wanted Jumin’s route , but I heard his route in Deep Story ;;; and now me on Casual Story, which is impossible for me to get his route ;;;

After the more day passes, I think Yoosung not really that bad . I never thought I would get his route tbh .

I save some screen shots of Yoosung route, if you do not want to get a spoiler . I advised to stop here !!!




Sometimes I feel sad because Yoosung always talked about Rika and he couldn't walk away from her shadows.Yoosung was blamed V for Rika's suicide. He heard the news of Rika's death on his graduation , so sad~ he even couldn't smile in the photo .

After time passes, he began to forget her and starting to get excited with our relationship ( Me and Yoosung lol) .
Several times a chat room will branching, probably around 3 times. So keep quiet because it's not a problem and focus to your boyfriend and inviting guest !

Nah there is a funny story in this route, where Zen followed by a stalker to his place . So he had to stay at Seven place LOL . This condition was same as Jaehee and Jumin. Jaehee should staying at the Jumin Han residence, due to the other reason ( I forgot ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“ ) .

In the 9th day, Yoosung will follow Zen to the place of hackers, who took me to the RFA's chat room . Yoosung said that he would to come with Seven to that place ~  me and seven ended up giving a permission to him ;;;; /bad choice/

Unfortunately, in the 10th day they met with the hacker. He knew by Seven and going on their conversations. According to rumors, he's the twin of Seven ! OMG ! And his name is Saeyong Choi!
Too bad when Seven and Yoosung want to escape from Saeyong, Yoosung get caught and 'tortured' to end up with injured his left eye ;;;;;

Gladly ! Yoosung and Seven managed to escape!
Yoosung even send a messages and call me that he was fine! (Of course he lied ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข)

In the 11th day, the chat room will be opened at 8 A.M. !
Not as usual, where you have to stand by at 1 or 3 A.M. in the morning to get a chat, here you will only receive at 8 A.M !
The party will be held at 12 noon! It's a pity because I have class, so I couldn't open up instead and waiting till the class ended at 1 P.M ;;; I hope not to late to attend the party

I heard each member has one good ending, one normal ending and three bad endings. Lucky me,  I received a good ending! (CMIIW)

In Yoosung's good ending route, he will come to the party and say hello to all the members and even give me a kissing scene lol . While in the normal ending, Yoosung will not appear in the party and everyone rushed to the hospital to visit Yoosung.

There are a few tips to get the good ending!

·         First, you must have a good relationship with your partner. Don't you fall to the other characters

I heard there is a sign you will get a bad ending, when chat rooms branching . So just focus to your boyfriend ! ( Mine is Yoosung LOL )

·         The second, at least you invite up to 15 guests to the party ! In this route I can invite up to 23 guests !


 Oh yes I also manage to open After-Ending Yoosung's route. Unfortunately it's equivalent of 20 hour glasses ;;;;

There, we're married! Yoosung already become a veterinarian and was waiting for someone in the hospital. He was very funny, he'll get surgery on his left eye so he could see again! He even talked about having a child LOL! Cuttie Yoosung is turning into an adult! ❤❤❤❤❤

If you're playing a Mystic Messenger like me . Feel free to share your experinces here ๐Ÿ‘€✌✌✌

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