Drapery Workshop by Rico Anantha


Friday, 23th September 2k16 .

Actually on Friday I had no class to be attended, but today me and my friends join Drapery Workshop . The instuctor for this class is Rico Anantha . The workshop itself scheduled at 8 A.M and got delayed until 10 / 11 P.M ;;;; We've to wake up early to attend this workshop, and what we've is a delay . I've no idea with the reason of delayed .

Workshop opened with remarks from MC dan other important people . We also got snacks to eat before the workshop begin . I'm so lucky did not forget to eat my breakfast this morning ! /lil bit sad with the delay/
Me kill the time by reading a makeup catalog also eating popcorn lol . Thank to my friend who brought it !

The instructor said in general Drapery means a clothing constuction technique that created on the dummy to achieve a dress from to fitted on the body by using technique . ( Latin : Drapuss , French : Draperie )

Drapery in fashion means a sewing techniques which unites two or more points on the material to create a hanger with engineering . There 6 technique in Drapery such us :
1. Fold / Pleated
2. Hangers
3. Pinch
4. Twist
5. Pull / Stretch
6. Mechanical Sewing ( engine or manual )

We see the instructor give us an example how to make a drapery . My friend also make a video of this . This workshop were attended by 50 people . So in the end of instruction from Nico Anantha, we also take an opportunity to make a Drapery on the dummy . And YES ! We're divided to 5 people in one team . 

 At first we find difficulties to make a Drapery . Gladly , the instructor come to each team to give us more knowledge .

Our team change the form of Drapery till 3 times ;;;; You know how confused we're , bcs the other team was succsesfully make a Drapery . Perhaps our team contains many people who has lot of ideas so we're confused at first .
The crowd

This is Nico Anantha , who give us know who to make a Drapery

He also teach us make a Drapery from a pattern . 
This's our first Drapery .
The second Drapery's form ;;;;
YESSS ! FINALLY WE DID IT ! Our team Drapery is the second from the left .

Our lunch :) Wah , I'm pleased to have this lunch . Thank you :)
Me on that day . Thank to my friend who took a photo of me :)

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