Umi Sonoda Cosplay - Flower Theme Card Illustration Ver.


《Love Live! School Idol Project》
"Flower Theme Card Illustration Ver."
園田海未 CN Namieka

P by Dita Photograph

May 2k16, it was my first time went out Bali to attend cosplay event in Surabaya. In fact, it was also my first time there, because I was lucky to get an opportunity to join cosplay walk on Sunday. Also I wanna see Sakuya and KingTW in a person :") I adore them for a long time, espesially KingTW :")

In the First day, I bring out Umi Sonoda Costume which is (Flower Theme Card Illustration Ver.) and the second day as Hatsune Miku ( Setsugetsuka  Ver. )
Before we're going out to the event, we took a time for mini photoshoot :)

This pict shows a detail of my Umi's costume, probably will post the making process of this one later.

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