Merry Christmas 2014 !


Mio Akiyama on Christmas !

Hi ! My first post here :3
Hm, lil bit confused with the topic I should open hm..
Okay then ! I'll posting my previous photoshoot for Christmas :)

【 K-ON! 】
Mio Akiyama (秋山 澪) CN : Namieka
Costume and edit by Namieka

Photo by Dita Photograph



my first post on my fan page is this photo :D

Ah ya ! I'm working with two kamekos a.k.a photographer on that day :3
Here is the results from Jnatha Cosplayer

We also wanna say thanks to Kak Zy, bcs this photoshoot take a place at her home XD 
hehe thanks a lot ya :3 :3
She has fan page too :
If you wanna buy japanesse stuff like the clothes, cosplay stuff and more. Go find at her page, it will help you !

Thanks to Dita Photograph and Jnatha Cosplayer for coorperating !
I'm looking forward for next project.
Love from Namieka :3

more updates :

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